Presenter for Conferences, Conventions and Retreats

Make your event memorable with a fresh and professional Laughter Stimulus presentation, guaranteed to leave your participants feeling energized, oxygenated and talking about your conference with a smile! Laughter is done seated, standing, and if space allows, moving about the room. There are no jokes, but there is guaranteed laughter. We stretch, practice deep breathing, clap, shake hands with one another and practice fun laughter exercises suitable for a business setting. No group is too large for me to handle!

All presentations are customized to suit your group and your time-frame. The secret of Laughter Yoga is our brains are hard-wired to immediately release powerful  ’feel good’  hormones with simulated extended laughter. No jokes necessary.  The deep breathing and stretching oxygenates our blood, organs and brain for better learning and retention at your conference!  And, of course, laughter is contagious, so it really gets rolling when hundreds of people are laughing together.

With  nine years of experience as a Senior Management Training Specialist with the University of California System, as an Instructor at the University of California International Business School, teaching Graduate Pyschology  and as trainer for Certified Coaching for Organizational Effectiveness, I am a professional, reliable presenter who will deliver a polished, relevant and engaging  presentation. No worries.

My background also  includes  an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, years of counseling  experience, serving as a Critical Incident Stress Debriefer for teams and being part of interdisciplinary medical teams with hospice and at other community health agencies.

I have recently been hired to present  “Vicarious Trauma: Laughter Yoga as a Tool for Coping”  for several nursing conferences and “Laughter for Leaders”  in business settings. I did trainings in Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings at UCSF Hospital’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine where Laughter Yoga is now part of their program and often speak to healthcare professionals.

Keynotes and Break-outs

  • Highly successful, experienced presenter integrates lively movement, clapping and movement with current research and relevant tools.
  • Laughter keynotes and break-outs are customized to any conference or retreat theme or audience
  • Fresh,uplifting, relevant and fun interaction leads to memorable conferences and retreats
  • Sessions also adapted for retreats, trainings, meetings, in-house conferences, special events and celebrations
  • Appropriate for diverse audiences and diverse fitness levels.

The Power of Laughter !

Keynote Speaker Presentations with  Carmela Carlyle
Make your conference memorable with a professional key note presentation that is fresh, current, informative and interactive. Not only will your participants benefit from an uplifting and empowering presentation that offers cost-free tips for stress relief and immediate health benefits, they will make connections with others while doing Laughing Yoga together. No group is too large or too small.

Laughter Yoga as an Icebreaker
Kick off your conference, business meeting, marketing presentation, retreat or special event with a dynamic session of Laughter Yoga guaranteed to get your group’s energy moving forward together. Laughter Yoga enhances creativity, memory and productivity. Stretching, deep breathing, clapping and laughter exercises are done seated and standing, customized for your event.

Laughter Yoga as an After Lunch Energizer
Banish Power Point Blues with a rousing session to awaken adult learning! Laughter Yoga helps with digestion and is an effective way to energize your work group for a more productive afternoon. I’ve been invited to a number of professional conferences and retreats to rouse the group from their mid-day energy slump. Stretching, deep breathing, moving about the room and laughter enlivens your business group for the work ahead. The session can be customized with content to suit your agenda. .

Happy Hour Laughter Yoga
Wrap up your day of work or meetings with a fun session of Laughter Yoga designed to relieve stress, create community connection and energize your group for the evening ahead.


Laughter at Retreats can be done seated,
standing or even lying on the floor!

Partial List of Clients for Laughter Yoga with Carmela at Conferences and Retreats include:

  • Old Navy Executive Management Team, San Francisco
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Physicians’  Retreat at The Fairmont Hotel, Sonoma California
  • Eileen Fisher’s Management Team Retreat at Tiburon Lodge
  • Janice Gates’ Yoga Garden Open House, Marin, California
  • National Reproductive Health Institute’s Conference, Denver
  • US Federal Health Care  Conference, San Antonio
  • Healer’s Journey Conference for Health Network Professionals
  • Womens’ Cancer Awareness Day Conference
  • Nurses’  Unions Alliance Conferences
  • Bayclub Marin’s Yoga Teachers’ Staff Day
  • Charles Schwab’s IT Staff Meetings
  • Sutter Hospice Staff  Retreats
  • Kaiser Nurses’ Staff Retreats
  • JSI Research and Training Institute Conference Speaker
  • Nurses’  Unions Alliance Training, Sacramento
  • California Dental Association
  • Sutter Solano Cancer Wellness Center
  • Palm Drive Hospital’s Pain Management Program
  • Marin Park Rangers’ Stress Management Program
  • Aging in Place Conferences
  • Alzheimer’s Task Force Symposiums
  • California Nurses’  Unions Alliance, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco

“Carmela Carlyle received rave reviews for her dynamic, inspiring and informative keynote presentation at the All America Laughter Yoga Conference in San Diego which drew professionals from all over the USA and as far away as Europe, Australia and Ethiopa. Carmela’s background as a polished conference speaker was clearly evident, but it was her charismatic authenticity that engaged us to listen, learn and join her in playfully practicing her original Laughter Yoga exercises.

Equally impressive was Carmela’s post-conference three-hour training workshop demonstrating her abilities as a skillful trainer and coach. And, she even created a rich two-hour DVD as a training tool for participants’ follow-up home practice. Carmela delightfully delivers the total laughing and learning package!”

Sebastien Gendry
American School of Laughter Yoga
International Conference Producer

A group of very happy people