Laughter Yoga for the Workplace

Laughter Yoga is proven to create a sense of community and to decrease stress for enhanced teamwork and learning. It does not involve any jokes.Laughter is stimulated through group exercises done standing and sitting and moving about the room and includes clapping, deep breathing and stretches. No special attire or previous yoga experience is required.  Times are tough and you may be thinking that it is no laughing matter. I always explain that we are laughing for no reason. First we laugh and next we feel better. We don’t feel better because the economy has changed, but we do get instant gratification feeling more connected with our co-workers and from the immediate chemical changes that laughter creates within us. Our bodies are hard-wired to release the “feel good hormones”  including endorphins and serotonin when we laugh. Stress relief is immediately evident and it is a practice than has lasting affects for indivudal workers and for teams.

Anthropologists tell us that laughter was the first language. Before there was written language when there were tribes of cave-dwellers who would come upon another group and use laughter to signal safety and good intentions without harm. It is now believed that the sound of human laughter is the same as mammals exhales in play, which our forefathers and foremothers observed seing animals at play. They imitated that sound to convey playfulness. Animals do laugh! Recordings of dogs happily “panting” (exhaling in short spurts like we do when we laugh)  are played for dogs in rescue centers who immediately calm down and lie down when hearing the sound of “happy dogs.”    There is extensive research being done in Norway with rats which shows that rats have tickle skin  and tickle each other in play. The rats who laugh the most are the most popular and the  sought after for breeding.

Laughter is an international language that when introduced appropriately can cross cultural barriers and create genuine connections in work teams.

Business Benefits of Laughter

  • Creates a positive work environment and sets the tone for cooperative working relationships.
  • Energizing, yet relaxing, with proven results in stress management which translates to fewer accidents and less anger in the workplace.
  • Depression and stress are the most costly disabilities. Laughter Yoga decreases both.
  • Laughter is an international language which works across cultures to create community and connection.  No jokes!
  • Blood pressure and pulse rates decrease and the brain is oxygenated which enhances creative thinking, productivity and memory.
  • Boosted endorphins bring a sense of well-being to everyone in the group and this makes for favorable associations with your services or products.
  • Laughter Yoga is a healthy and playful activity for staff parties, conferences and retreats.

"Naughty! Naughty!  Laughter" with  an  IT Team

Naughty! Naughty! Laughter with an IT Team

Laughter Yoga with Team in the Workplace

Laughter Yoga with Team in the Workplace

“Carmela, Thank you for making that gloomy December Friday truly memorable. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my entire corporate life. I had some awesome feedback from people and I heard ‘ho ho ha ha ha’ for hours afterward throughout our cubical landscape. As you know, people are always a bit skeptical of the unknown, but I think you made a lasting impression on everyone participating and created a few more followers of Laughter Yoga.”- Janne Karlsson, Manager at a major financial institution in San Francisco

Laughter Yoga Services

Customized Laughter Yoga Sessions  for Teams in the Workplace, at Retreats,  for  Conferences, for Managing Stress and at Staff Parties  are all available. Please contact me for pricing.

Laughter Yoga Program for  Healthy Teams in the Workplace. Laughter Yoga has proven benefits for stress management with the ability to reduce blood pressure, enhance the release of endorphins and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, as much as 75%. I will provide stress management tips integrated into a fun program including deep breathing, yoga stretches for the workplace, and lots of laughter exercises designed for stress relief and community connection. Your group will learn how to transfer these practical techniques to their workday. Depression and stress are the two most expensive disablities in the workplace. Laughter and Yoga can help with both. I worked in Human Resources for many years as a Management Training Specialist and understand the challenges of rolling out a new program .This one is is fun and welcomed! Contact me to set up a comprehensive, cost-saving and affordable program for you and your staff.

  • Laughter Yoga for  Staff  Parties, Staff Retreats and Celebrations                                                                                                                                                            Why just stand around eating and drinking when you could have an enjoyable event that is memorable and fun?   
  • Half-Day Sessions for Staff Retreats and Trainings
    My Laughter for the Workplace sessions for retreats and staff trainings are fun, informative, based in medical facts and experiential.  Stress Relief, Solo Laughter Practice and Group Interaction are featured. Nine years as a Senior Training Specialist with the University of California System enable me to coordinate and offer successful team retreat experiences. Contact me for more info.

Client List  for Laughter Yoga in the Workplace with me include:

  • Charles Schwab, San Francisco
  • Old Navy Executive Management Team, San Francisco
  • Sutter Hospice’s Team Retreat, Santa Rosa and San Mateo
  • Dorothy Slattery, DDS and Dental Office Team, Mill Valley
  • Eileen Fisher ‘s Management Team Retreat at the Tiburon Lodge
  • California Dental Association Meeting,  Solano Country Club
  • Kaiser’s Long-Term Care Nursing  Team, Novato
  • Marin Park Rangers’ Stress Management Program for Teams
  • Kaiser Permanente’s Physicians’  Team Retreat at The Fairmont
  • Team-Building for the staff at Villa Capri, SNF.
  • Team-Building for the staff at Villa Marin, Terra Linda
  • Staff Holiday Parties for too many organizations to list here!

My business background enables me to work professionally with all teams in your workplace. My expertise as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Top Laughter Yoga Teacher makes it all work! I am a professional training specialist who know how to run the show. I have extensive skills in management training, staff development, team-building, formal presentations and group facilitation in organizational settings. I am frequently invited to present at professional conferences and business meetings. I created and hosted ‘The Leaders’ Forum’ at Los Alamos National Laboratory which featured internationally recognized management training authors and guest speakers for an audience of over 500 scientists and engineers at each monthly event. I also served as a coach for the international technological transfer teams working with engineers and scientists from Russia and Mexico.Creating and teaching “American Business Practices” and “Communicating Across Cultures” to business people from The Pacific Rim, South America and Europe at The International Program at U.C. Santa Cruz enriches my teaching with an ability to honor all cultures in my work.

My many years of experience in business settings enable me to confidently inspire laughter among your entire group to make your event dynamic, fun and memorable. As a trained counselor, coach and yoga teacher, I bring a rich set of professional, creative and supportive skills to my busy clients in today’s challenging work environment. I was a Senior Management Training Specialist for the University of California System for over nine years where I conducted week-long Management Assessment Programs, Team-Building Workshops and Coaching Skills Training for Leaders. I designed and delivered training for managers and staff addressing multicultural diversity in the workplace, conflict resolution, critical incident de-brieifngs, effective communication skills, professional development and managing change. After that, I worked in Marketing Research for San Francisco Advertising Agencies as a Focus Group Facilitator for clients in high-tech. I had a private counseling and career-coaching practice in San Francisco for over fifteen years. So you are dealing with a professional training specialist who now wants to bring some laughter to a healthier workplace.



How Laughter Can Benefit Teams in the Workplace by Dr. Madan Kataria

Famous British Actor, John Cleese, visited laughter clubs while filming one of his BBC series on, “Human Face. ” He visited Mumbai Laughter Clubs and a prison in Mumbai. After laughing with a group of people, he made a remark ; “I am surprised how laughter connects you with people.” It’s almost impossible to maintain a distance or social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a great connector of the people.

People who Laugh Together Work Together

Laughter is a very powerful emotion and it can be used as a powerful tool to bring people together and work as a team. I’m a Medical Doctor and I have no business experience at all. None of my family members had ever done any business as I belong to a farmer’s family. However, what I learned from my experience with the laughter clubs movement makes a lot of business sense. Without spending a single penny on marketing and advertising, I established over  6000 laughter clubs in 68 countries. What I learned from the experience is that nothing can be achieved alone. My success with the laughter movement, I attribute to my networking skills with my laughter leaders and teachers around the world, whom have helped me to achieve this goal. It’s all Teamwork.

Here are some of the highlights that have contributed to good Teamwork:

Laughter connects people Together

Laughter is a positive energy and it is infectious. You must be wondering why laughter is infectious. Not only laughter, in fact, all emotions are infectious. Even seriousness is infectious as you can see that if the boss of a company is serious the whole company becomes serious.

The new science of emotions has revealed astonishing facts about human communication. In the past few decades a groundbreaking discovery shows that the human brain is equipped with special nerve cells called “Mirror Neurons” that mimic the behavior and emotions of people with whom we interact. For example, if you see somebody who is sad, you start experiencing sadness. If someone smiled at you, you smile back even if you are not wanting to smile. This means we are the product of our environments. If we are surrounded by happy people, the happiness of the group affects everyone. If you are around grumpy people, your energy is likely to go down. One of the most important parts of team building is to support a positive environment so that it can enhance the energy of the group.

Mood States and Team Building

The mood is a very important factor in team building. If most of the team members are in a good mood and high spirits then they can lift the spirits of the few members who might not be feeling good. The mirror neurons in brain cells will copy the emotions of most of the group members and this will help to release happy chemicals and lift the mood states also. The reason for this emotional resonance is because human beings are very sensitive to emotions of other people.

Laughing with the People

The unique thing about laughing without a reason and laughter yoga practices is that the laughter is unconditional and it is being done as a physical exercise. There are no judgments, nothing to understand but they are all doing laughter exercises together. We are not particularly laughing at something and we are not making fun of anybody. It is all positive and nothing negative, which is very important for a team building point of view.

Emotional balance and performance of the team

It is comparatively easier to manage physical and mental stress but it is very difficult to handle emotional stress which is due to bad relationships at home or in the workplace. If your teammates are having emotional problems at home, they will bring all of them to the workplace. Additionally, relationship problems in the workplace they will carry home. Your highly talented and skilled employees can’t perform well if they have too much built up feelings and emotions due to bad relationships at home or in the workplace.

Research has been found that people are not good at expressing emotions which results in causing emotional imbalance. This can lead to depression, anger and frustration. Their inability to express emotions turns them into pressure cookers. Laughter Yoga is a unique method that helps to release physical, mental and emotional stress and at the same time helps people feel better quickly. It is simple and quick catharsis to release your built up feelings and emotions.

 Supporting Good Feelings for Good Teamwork

The amazing thing about Laughter Yoga is that you don’t have to depend upon your present mood to start working together. You can create a good mood by doing laughter and breathing exercises.

Laughter Yoga exercises are the best way to kick start good feelings and happy chemicals within minutes. Laughter helps to release endorphins from your brain cells which are called feel good hormones. Also, due to an increase in the supply of oxygen, laughter makes you feel good. Once you have good feelings within, everything changes in the outside world. Your behavior and your attitude towards negative situations will change. A positive mental attitude is very important factor in building a good team. Having good feelings is very important to improve relationships among employees within the company and have strong relationships with customers.

 Good Team Comes from a Good Leader

A leader is a person who can lead a group of people to achieve a particular goal. An effective leader shows high emotional intelligence . Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand his own sentiments as well as sentiments of other people so that he can empathize with others and builds strong relationships. This is only possible when leader are able to manage their own emotions.

The emotions of a leader affect the whole team. If the leader is full of energy and joy, they will bring enthusiasm to the whole team. In contrast, if the leader is serious, he will bring seriousness to the entire team. Therefore, the emotional health of a leader is very important in team building.

 Communication through Laughter

A good leader is a person with strong communication skills. Laughter Yoga exercises breaks the barriers between the staff and the management and it frees you from ego and connects people. It is purely a physical exercise along with breathing exercises. Anybody can do it as it is not a mental phenomenon. There is nothing to understand only a physical practice which is run in the group. It does not matter what language you speak, how challenged you are or how stressed you may be at the moment.


With my experience of laughter clubs worldwide, I learned that appreciation works like a magic to motivate and inspire people. When team members are appreciated and acknowledged , their motivation levels go up and they work more than they normally do. In Laughter Clubs, we learn to appreciate each other. We have a special laughter exercise called appreciation laughter that reminds the members how important it is to appreciate others.

I have always appreciated the laughter leaders and have acknowledged their contributions. This has worked wonders in building a strong relationship with my leaders who are running social laughter clubs. They are spending their valuable time and effort to run these clubs with limited financial outcome.

Team building at the Body Level

According to the science of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), people are connected to those people similar to them. In Laughter Yoga, everyone seems to be connect to one another through laughter. In Laughter Clubs, people sing, dance, play & laugh. The Laughter Yoga session is designed in such a way that we clap and chant “ho ho ha ha ha” in unison which is very connecting.

The most important uniting factor in Laughter Yoga clubs is laughing and breathing together. Every human being is different in their mindsets, their thinking and their cultures. What is common between all of us, is that we all laugh in the same way and we breathe in the same air. If we breathe together, we are synchronizing with one another at both the body and the mind level. A unique feature of Laughter Clubs is Connectedness.

Laughter Brings Generosity and A Giving Attitude

Laughter helps to develop positive mental attitude, openness and generosity. After laughing, People often times move from self-centered to a giving attitude. They are always willing to help and serve others. This attitude is very important from team building point of view. A selfless leader is able to leave a culture of excellence in the organization. This is what we can learn through laughter.